The Cowboys Host the Cowboy

Carnegie Hall is to classical music as Cowboys Stadium is to football. And for those who have taken residence under a rock somewhere in the past two years, it is the largest domed stadium in the world and houses the largest high definition video screen in the world at its center (from the 20 yard line to the 20 yard line to be exact). Any non-professional team would count themselves as lucky to be able to play even one minute in football Utopia. Slowly but surely, Jerry has rented out his behemoth baby to college football exhibition series, this season's newest being the Cowboy Classic between Oregon State and the Horned Frogs of Fort Worth's Texas Christian University. This match-up is set to hit the gridiron on Saturday, September 4 at Cowboys Stadium. Kickoff is set for 6:45 and tickets and more information can be found at
Sat., Sept. 4, 6:45 p.m., 2010


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