The Dallas Observer Is Seeking Its 2015 MasterMinds

The Dallas Observer Is Seeking Its 2015 MasterMinds

Enrollment is now open for the Dallas Observer's Fifth Annual MasterMind Awards.

Annually we hand out six no-strings-attached checks for $1,000 to local artists and cultural movers and shakers. If you've found yourself returning to a theater company time and again or seeking out the work of an installation artist, tell us what's so appealing about their work. Or if your best friend is the next Da Vinci, we want to know that too. We're looking for creative, innovative people who are shaking things up in Dallas, and we can't pick winners who aren't submitted.

This year's recipients will be honored at Artopia, the Dallas Observer's annual art overload, happening on Saturday, January 17, 2015.

But you don't have all year. The nomination deadline is Friday, November 21. So hop to it. Information on how to submit is available on this web page.

Brush up on last year's winners: Dallas Observer Masterminds 2014: Meet the Winners of Our Annual Art Awards

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