The Few, The Proud, The Sleepy: 24-Hour Video Winners

About this time one year ago, one crazy, mixed-up team was hauling a gorilla suit, an 8-inch foil ball and two homemade meat helmets around Dallas in a desperate attempt to complete the Video Association of Dallas’ 24-Hour Video Race. That team—our team, made up of Dallas Observer staffers, former staffers and friends—willingly jacked up their sleep schedules and took on the challenge of creating a 5-minute video based on four criteria given to them when the clock struck (the first) midnight: a theme, location, line of dialogue and prop. This year, other fun-loving film nerds have already done all the hard work and it’s time to watch the final offerings—and let’s not lie, no matter how awesome or how terrible it ends up being, part of the excitement of producing your own video in a day comes from knowing you’ll see it play in an actual theater. From Tuesday through Thursday, May 8 through May 10, the Angelika will screen entrants’ work. The night of Monday, May 14, the Angelika will then offer a screening of the finalists. 24-Hour team members get in free with Race lanyards. The public is welcome with admission $5 per adult and $3 per child 12 and younger. The screening schedule is available online at
Mon., May 14, 2012


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