The 'Fro'd One

What is this, like the 80th time Albert Hammond Jr. has come to perform in Dallas? Do we really need this? Is the Strokes' guitarist—as famous for his shaggy mane and his shagging of Drew Barrymore* as for his fake Television guitar licks—really all that great without his fellow girl-jeans-clad mates sharing the stage? Dammit, the answer is yes. While Julian Casablancas diddles away his 15 minutes, Hammond Jr.'s solo debut, Yours to Keep, is a little gem, highlighting his fun, staccato guitar style and kicking a little Cars-ish new wave into the mix. Think of it as a Strokes album, with a more relaxed feel and less snottiness. See it live Monday at House of Blues Cambridge Room, 2200 N. Lamar St. Tickets are $18. Visit *Wait, that was the drummer. Whatever.
Mon., June 4


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