The Godless Staff of Skepchick will Visit Dallas in September. Bless Their Hearts.
Coming soon, to a Frisco near you.

The Godless Staff of Skepchick will Visit Dallas in September. Bless Their Hearts.

If you're unfamiliar with Skepchick's Rebecca Watson, here's a few things to know: James Randi loves her; she's trashed hotel rooms with Christopher Hitchens; back when her popular feminist/science skepticism/rational thought blog was getting legs she would daylight as a copy writer; she's the co-host of The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast; and finally, she's a bit of a badass who runs an extremely popular website designed to topple empires.

Another good thing to know about Watson is that she and her forward-thinking ladygang will be in Dallas -- okay, Frisco -- this September for the Feminist Faces of Freethought Conference.

Scheduled to gargle the holy water of Dallas' religious fundamentalists on September 21, the two-day conference's guest speakers have been announced. It looks like the entire Skepchick crew is involved, among others.

Here's the confirmed list: Bridget Gaudette, Freethoughtify; Elyse Anders, Skepchick; Jean Kazez, In Living Color; Heina Dadabhoy, Skepchick; Amy Davis Roth, Skepchick; Rebecca Watson, Skepchick; Melanie Clemmer, SkepticRD; Will Robertson, Skepchick; Alix Jules, Dallas Coalition of Reason; David Smalley, Dogma Debate; Dorian Mooneyham, Trans and Godless; Laura Larson Cox, Metroplex Atheists; Tammy Walker, Freethinking Ahead; Zach Moore, The Doubting Thomases; Jamye Carr and Kevin Butler.

We'll catch up with Watson closer to the conference. Until then, secure your seat.


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