The Graduate Is Finally Of Age

This is wrong, Angelika Film Center. You bring us in and offer us drinks. You seduce us by screening The Graduate in its original 35 mm format, when many of us are too young to have experienced it on the big screen before. You’re using your age and cunning to get what you want. Here’s what you didn’t expect, Angelika: We don’t need your seductive ploys to lust after Dustin Hoffman’s breakout performance. We like the discomfort of this romantic fantasy and the way it leaves us unsettled. So what I’m saying is, yes, that is my hand on your thigh. Also, do you have any younger daughters? The Graduate just turned 45 and the Angelika Film Center is celebrating with screenings of the classic, opening Friday. It earned director Mike Nichols the 1968 Academy Award for best director and was Oscar-nominated for best picture and best adapted screenplay, so yeah — it’s kind of important. The Angelika is located at 5321 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 230. Tickets cost $10. Call 214-841-4713 or visit
Fri., Aug. 3, 2012


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