The Laughter Season

You know what it means when people wearing giant flat pendants start hitting on each other for no other reason other than they’re both at the same event? It’s festival season! It’s not just for music and film, folks — festival season includes comedy. Specifically, the awesome comedy at the Dallas Comedy Festival. See acts from across the country, like FrankenMatt, Dasariski, JC Coccoli, Craig Cackowski, Dave Little and many others. Attend special workshops given by insanely funny people who actually make a living at being funny. And well, there’s the laughing — doctors and Martha Stewart say it’s a good thing. Oh, and there’s the necking we alluded to — you might get to do that after you “improv” (industry terms, yo) and ask out a fellow comedy fan for one of the comedy showcases at the Dallas Comedy Festival at the Dallas Comedy House, 2645 Commerce St. The festival takes place Tuesday through Sunday, April 1. Show badges ($159) and VIP badges ($379) are available at
March 27-April 1, 2012


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