The MAC Goes To College

The MAC (3120 McKinney Ave.) launches its latest and greatest Friday evening in a two-show 2013 opener. In the main space, celebrate 20 years of subversive collage with work by A&M Commerce School’s painting professor and Director of Studio Art Graduate Studies, Micheal Miller. Just how influential has Miller been in his two decades of higher education? Find out when a league of former students show work alongside him in the show Michael Miller: Out of Commerce. Alumni Trenton Doyle Hancock, Daniel Kurt, Lawrence Lee, Robyn O’Neil and Jeff Parrott will fill out the show. With a talent roster that strong, there’s no need to grade on a curve. In the smaller space, you’ll see a sculpture-infused installation in Jasmyne Graybill: Flourish. Rooted in natural themes, her work can resemble a beautiful china petri dish, post-swabbing. She’ll lead a 5 p.m. lecture on her work before the show’s 6 p.m. opening. Visit
Fri., Jan. 18, 6 p.m., 2013


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