The Nasher's Plan to Announce its Public Art Locations Involves a Bunch of Homing Pigeons

We wrote a while back about Nasher Xchange, the sculpture center's public art initiative which brings 10 artists to Dallas neighborhoods for site-specific pieces. The unveiling happens on October 19 and we'll soon know more specifics, like precise locations and design elements as news leaks during a ten-week series of community announcements.

The Nasher has planned its first of these -- a family-friendly, open to the public, bird-filled activity day -- at the Trinity River Audubon Center on Friday, June 14th.

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Los Angeles-based artist Ruben Ochoa will present his project at Friday's free event. He's become known for utilizing man-made materials like construction site scraps to create site-responsive installations. His work bridges urban and natural landscapes, referencing human impact and class divides -- but it's also lovely in a gritty, structural way. At the Audubon he'll share the stage with a bunch of camera-ready birds, including a flock of homing pigeons and one owl. (Nope, we don't know why.) There's also an afternoon of bird-themed crafts and walks planned, which will undoubtedly further steal Ochoa's thunder. It runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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