The Nervebreakers To Reunite For Austin, Club Dada Shows

The original lineup of Dallas punk rock legends The Nervebreakers have reformed (just as had been suggested on DC9 by an anonymous commenter a few weeks back). But it's not just for a couple Austin gigs during SXSW and an April 11 gig at Club Dada. No sir. See, there's more info to be had on this front... The Nervebreakers--who scored a minor hit with "My Girlfriend is a Rock" and opened for The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Clash when each band made its first run through Dallas in the late '70s--aren't just doing these shows as one-off gigs. Nope. Seems the fellas have flat-out reunited. The band has an anthology collection on its history, plus a whole bunch of newly recorded material to shop around. Hence the Austin dates during SXSW. We'll let you know anything else we hear on this front as it comes in...
Sat., April 11, 2009


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