The Nuge Storms The Fort

If his conservative political views, gun ownership stance or snakeskin cut-offs offend you, then kneel down and suck his Glock. Motor City Madman Ted Nugent will put a stranglehold on Billy Bob's Texas, 2520 Rodeo Plaza, Saturday. It must have been four years since he bow-and-arrowed a life-size cutout of Saddam Hussein right between the eyes during a set on the Unleash the Beast Tour. The Nuge's latest tour--Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead--looks like it struck the same red-blooded, American-made vein. Tickets start at $20, but for a mere $600, Nuge fans can tweak the perfect marinade for roasted zebra or simply rub arrows with Uncle Teddy himself before the show with a DangerZone VIP Package. Sounds...deadly. And although it seems he hasn't released a new song in at least a decade, for the guy who once compared himself to "Rosa Parks with a Gibson guitar," maybe it's more about classic rock revisited than classic rock reinvented. Either way, get cocked, locked and ready to rock for the wango-tango-est, guitar-wailin'-est, freedom-fightin'-est, spirit-of-the-wildest show around. For more information, call 817-624-7117 or visit
Sat., July 17, 2010


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