The Real Housewives of Dallas Finally Throw Champagne During Episode 4

The Real Housewives of Dallas
Episode 4 Recap
“Mouth of the South”

We are now on episode 4 of The Real Housewives of Dallas and one thing seems to be certain. Brandi Redmond will get the first segment. And she’s almost always in her home, cooking something, and talking about how Bryan isn’t home enough.

Cut to LeeAnne Locken heading to the home of Heidi Dillon’s, who founded The Fashionistas, a Dallas-based nonprofit that promotes education for the next generation of the fashion industry. Locken asks Dillon to chair some charity event; Dillon agrees and says, "Pour some more champagne."

Locken and Dillon have known each other for about 10 years (Locken serves on the board of directors for Dillon's nonprofit) and the two of them appeared together on Big Rich Texas, a show that started as Dallas Divas and Daughters and then morphed into something else. 

"We brought another storyline to the show, so there were two narratives going on," Dillon tells us about Big Rich Texas. "One narrative was happening over at the country club with cast members and then there was the narrative of LeeAnne and me and the events we were doing with The Fashionistas."

The charity talk between Dillon and Locken continues. Locken explains that animals are a cause she is always drawn to. “Pets are just something I’m always going to have a heart for. I mean, they can’t speak for themselves. So, oh my god, let me speak for you. Woof woof.”

Then Locken, Tiffany Hendra and Marie Reyes head to Flower Reign, a florist with a five-star rating on Yelp, for the SPCA Paws Cause charity event. We are shown a flashback to Locken’s first pet, Leo. He apparently was sick, causing Locken to take extra care of him.

“Because he was so sick, I really had to grow up and become a mom.” That is a direct quote from Locken, straight from her mouth, something we couldn’t even dream of making up. And she’s not kidding.

We found an old sizzle reel from 2008, featuring Locken and Reyes, that was shopped around to several networks. Obviously, a show never came to fruition, but the Housewives did years later. In the video, we see Locken pushing her dog around in a stroller. Taking the “being a mom” thing to a whole new level.

A lot of this episode was spent in Coweta, Oklahoma, where Stephanie Hollman’s parents live. It’s about a four-hour drive north of Dallas, with a 9,500 population. We learn that a liquor store there doubles as a tanning salon, Lola’s Package Store, and local residents don’t Uber when they’re drunk — instead, they call Triple A to tow them and their car home. That sounds incredible.

We then see Cary Deuber and Hendra trying to be friendly. Hendra is going out of her way because, in case you forgot, she has only been back in Dallas for about a year because she was in LA being a big-time model and actress. Hendra is friends with Locken and none of the other Housewives are. But to try to make friends on her own terms, Hendra goes to yoga at We Yogis with Deuber, where we see that Deuber is probably the best yogi in Dallas.

Then afterward, they head to The Juice Bar in Inwood Village, which our food critic notes is pretty popular because of its proximity to yoga studios.

But, y'all. Finally wine is thrown. Not toward anyone. Just toward the trash. And a breaking-glass sound is made — either in real life or by effects, but you know what, whatever, just go with it, this is exciting. During a girls' night at Stephan Pyles, which recently closed down, all five Housewives plus 30 other women, get together to mean mug and drink and gossip.

The room is divided, while Hendra tries to sort things out among the women. Ha, silly, Hendra! Erica Annise, friend of Locken, and Locken stand in the corner, however, and watch the other women.

While Annise tells us she can't remember exactly what the other women were saying about Locken, whether it was her upbringing, or just a mixture of things, she remembers Locken was angry, just like we see on screen.

"She was upset. The disconnect between those women was clear, so by that time, obviously she had done all that she felt she could do to kind of contain her composure and she was better than me," Annise tells us. "She was done. She was angry and tired of playing nice."

Annise says no one was drunk, but that the other women were in close enough proximity to her and Locken that they could hear.

Reyes, who hosted the happy hour, rented out the back room of Stephan Pyles, which just holds 50 people.

On the other side of enemy lines was Taylor Garrett, who was the only male invited to the happy hour that night. He has served on the board of The Fashionistas with Locken and Reyes.

"I could tell there was a lot of tension in the room," Garrett tells us. "That's very typical whenever LeeAnne is in a room, in a small room with ladies in the numbers of 30 to 40 — she's going to rule out someone to go after. It's happened before at Marie's birthday party. It was Marie's special night and LeeAnne will get into a fight with someone there and cause a scene. I saw it coming [that night at Stephan Pyles] and I frankly didn't have time for that."

This episode is a "To be continued" one, so everyone hold on to your cowgirl hats. It's about to get ignorant.

Poop references: 5. They never end!
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