The Red Vag Of Courage

Since 1989, the Meyerson has hosted countless world-class, high-class events. Usually the symphony plays a lovely concert featuring the classical music from Mozart or Brahms, people sip white wine at halftime and then they leave after the show feeling super artsy and cultured. So when we saw that Kathy Griffin (ya know, that redhead comedian who looks like Andy Dick in drag, farts onstage and has that show on Bravo called My Life on the D-List) was on their calendar for this week, we did a double take. Did all the old people who like classical music die? Yup. They did. So, now instead of culture we get pop culture. Suh-weet! Come see poopie-mouthed (and double Emmy Award-winning) comedian Kathy Griffin talk trash about celebrities and leave the Meyerson feeling like you've just read a whole year's worth of US Weekly and Hustler. At 8 p.m. Sunday and Monday, The Dallas Symphony presents Kathy Griffin Live at the Meyerson at 2301 Flora St. Tickets are $80 to $115 for the remaining box seats (and it's required that if you purchase the box seats, you giggle, "Heh. Box," the whole time you're sitting in them) and $35 to $70 for the nosebleed to floor sections. Call 214-692-0203 or visit
Sun., April 18, 8 p.m.; Mon., April 19, 8 p.m., 2010


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