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The Weirdest Valentine's Gifts on Dallas Craigslist, #10-1

Welcome back to our countdown of the weirdest suggestions for Valentine's gifts we could find on Dallas Craigslist, counting down today from ten all the way down to number one. There's some really magical crap today, you guys. Without further ado.

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10 - Free Horse Poo (top of page)

For Valentine's Day? Am I missing something? Is this an ironic pitch that has gone right over my head? What?


9 - A Golf Cart, Apparently

"WITH COLORED RIBBON AROUND IT" just so your partner is sure it's a Valentine's gift. If you're a golf-mad guy and you're getting this for your wife, it should probably come with a card that says "Be My Caddy.... FOREVER."


8 - A Disgustingly Rude Squirrel

If I got this for Valentine's Day I would probably laugh for about six million years at the innuendo on the acorn.


7 - Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goats

"Dear City-Dwelling Partner - Happy Valentine's! Here is a Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goat. Love you always."


6 - A Valentine's Note From A Lady on Craigslist

Yes. It's the lyrics to a Foreigner song, re-written to be thematic with Valentine's Day. Of course it is. Not strictly a thing you can buy, but so weird I couldn't not post it.

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