The XX Factor

There’s a group in town that’s busy toppling the existing gallery regime. ArtLoveMagic has proven repeatedly that this city is both unified and beautified by a collaborative web of artists whose talents run a gamut of media. Twice a year we see that network surface for a massive public exhibition, and Saturday is our chance to gaze at its fairer half, during Girl Show. The estrogen-laced powerhouse is a chance to see the best of Dallas, from jewelry makers to latex fashion designers and 2-D types like painters and illustrators, all together in one space, creating their work live. Gone is the uncomfortable search for context. At Girl Show you simply ask the artist why she chose the method she used and hear directly what she hopes to convey through her craft. For a party so large, the element of on-site creation and dialogue interestingly adds a layer of intimacy that you won’t find in a traditional gallery setting. Girl Show will have another reason to celebrate on Saturday: ArtLoveMagic, the group putting on the show, just received its national nonprofit status. That means this organization can grow even bigger. Let’s just hope they still remember us when they rule the world. Girl Show runs from 8 p.m. to midnight at South Side on Lamar (1409 S. Lamar St.). Advance tickets cost $10 to $25. (The latter gets you into the Blue Room. Yeah, you want to go in there.) Buy them at They’ll be five bucks more at the door.
Sat., Oct. 20, 2012


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