Theatre Britain Returns with Tea-time Musical Albert’s Anthology

Theatre Britain is back at the Cox Playhouse in Plano with the charming Albert's Anthology, a comedy-with-music directed by Sue Birch that's as sweet as the jam on a homemade scone. Jackie Mellor-Guin's 75-minute script finds 100-year-old British grandpa Albert (nicely played by Frisco Community Theatre producer Howard Korn) celebrating his centenary birthday with family, including teenager Bryan (Alec Kirazian). The kid loves Albert's harrowing tales of the RAF during WWII, stories Albert's granddaughter (Caitlin Mills-Duree) stopped believing long ago.

But when a mysterious visitor (Erin McGrew) shows up with a special gift for the old man, suddenly all the myths are proved true. Seems Albert may have had a long-ago fling with HRH the Queen herself.


Alberts Anthology continues through July 7 at Theatre Britain, Cox Building Playhouse, 1517 H Avenue, Plano. Call 972-490-4202.

Between scenes of Albert regaling the boy with colorful battlefield exploits, singers Angela Davis and Steven Shayle Rhodes lend their voices to old wartime ballads "The White Cliffs of Dover," "I'll Be Seeing You" and other standards, accompanied on piano by Aaron Fryklund.

The show is made of simple stuff, but crafted with care and heaps of heart.


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