They Work. You Laugh. It's A Deal.

How about a show of hands. Are you more inclined to give a comedian a chance if you’ve A) paid a cover (cricket sounds), or B) gotten into a show for free? (Field of waving arms) Right, that’s because you spent your entry money on booze, which in turn makes you a happier human. House of Blues is on to you, and it’s on to something else too. Here in Dallas we work from a vast pool of comedic talent, but we don’t regularly support that scene like our Austin and Houston neighbors. That’s why HOB has partnered with Dallas’ best for a rowdy night showcasing our funniest humans called the Joker’s Wild Comedy Show. For Friday’s installation, you’ll get to see stand-up by Chris Mack, Bobby Friske, Latrice Allen, Byron Stamps and Aaron Aryanpur — and Aaron just won Best Comic in Texas, so this is a real treat. The whole thing is hosted by David Jessup and there’s no cover. Zero. Zilch buckaroos. Get over to House of Blues (2200 North Lamar St.) by 10 p.m. to stake out your spot as Dallas’ newest comic cheerleader. Visit
Fri., Dec. 28, 2012


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