Things That Make You Go “Om”

By Friday your body has absorbed all of those little pieces of tension. Reports. Deadlines. A never-ending string of emails. It collects throughout your being — maybe in a ache in your neck or in a lack of patience for those around you. But it doesn’t have to. The Crow Collection offers a Friday lunchtime session called “Yoga in the Galleries,” inviting you to take your shoes off and shed that mental static. The 45-minute class is more than a short retreat from the grind; it’s an excuse to make time for yourself and stretch while surrounded by Crow’s centuries-old collection of artwork and artifacts. You’ll leave feeling lighter, more gathered and – most importantly – you’ll enter the weekend happy, rather than harping on that “email from that chick in H.R.” Leave the those emotional curve balls behind from 12 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. at the Crow Collection of Asian Art (2010 Flora Street). It’s free. Call 214-979-6430 or visit
Fri., July 6, 2012


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