This Ain’t No Party

This Ain’t No Party is a deceptive name for Ash Studios’ next art filled, dare we say it, ‘party,’ because a night full of film, music and art certainly checks out with our criteria for a party. Wait, were they just being facetious? Whoops. Anyways, June 12 is when, for the bargain price of $5 you have access to a whole world (or at least evening full) of art including film screenings, live music and visual art from Texas-based artists. Ash Studio is one of those beautiful Dallas venues prone to throwing, ahem, parties, celebrating creators of all things artistic, just for the heck of it, so, contrary to Ash’s inappropriate appropriation of David Bryne, this is a party, and maybe even a disco, and will certainly involve fooling around. Pro tip: While we prefer free booze, we’ll gladly BYOB to this event since that’s our option. Remember, door is $5, bring your own booze, things start happening at 7:30.
Thu., June 12, 7 p.m., 2014


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