This Beard’s a Home To Endangered Owls

Austin has had its Annual Beard and Mustache competition for six years. It’s grown so popular that its founders, the Austin Facial Hair Club, even snagged themselves a reality television show based on their love of chin locks. The event gets crazy, is plugged by local zine Misprint and is reliably the city’s drunkest night. (It helps to be annihilated when watching women compete with mustaches formed from shower drain cast-offs.) Well, now Dallas’ own Rapunzel-lipped posse, Lone Star Beards, wants to flex its follicles, too. Saturday is Dallas’ Inaugural Beard and Mustache Competition, and it’s going down at the Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson St.). They’ll be using classic categories: Full Beard (both less and more than 12 inches), Freestyle, General Varieties Of Mustachioed Fanciness and more. What isn’t on the bill is my favorite Austin heat: The Lightning Round. That’s when contestants shave in unison several weeks prior then see who can get the Sasquatchiest the fastest. Maybe next year. There’s also a Beard March planned for Friday night in Deep Ellum and an “alliance meeting” scheduled for 10 a.m. Sunday at Eno’s Pizza Tavern. Guys, it’s OK to call it Beard Brunch. It’s funnier that way. The Beard and Mustache competition will be followed by a free screening of the film Beardo. Want to compete? It’s $20, and you can register in advance on the group’s Facebook page, at, or in person before 4:30 p.m. Saturday at Texas Theatre. Just want to watch? That’s only 10 bucks. Pay it at the door.
Sat., Sept. 29, 2012


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