This Is Your Brain On Film

As we age, films take on different functions. Take Brazil, for instance. Sure, it’s become a cult classic, as most dystopian, bureaucratically steeped, darkly satirical cinematic spools do. But it’s more than that, really, because Brazil ties with Videodrome for most frequently shown hipster bar video of all time. (Is that a factual statistic? Nope. But it sure does feel that way, don’t it?) At noon Sunday, the Alamo’s giving Brazil your undivided attention, as it screens the paperwork-filled life of Sam Lowry. It’s an installment in the Alamo 100, a new curated list of 100 essential films all humans should see according to Alamo Drafthouse. Brazil’s in good company with Blade Runner, Bottle Rocket, the Buster Keaton silent The General and some more questionable guilty pleasure airplane movies, like Love Actually, Mean Girls and Clueless. So, you know, pick and choose. Tickets are just $5. Visit
Sun., Jan. 12, 2014


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