Shiver our timbers: Be Depp for a day during The Pirates of the Caribbean Interactive Project.
Shiver our timbers: Be Depp for a day during The Pirates of the Caribbean Interactive Project.

This Week's Day-By-Day Picks

Thursday, October 28

Want to see Dallas, we brag, then rent Office Space. From the stop-and-go traffic to the rows of chain restaurants offering "American food" to blocks and blocks of identical beige apartments, there Dallas is. That's probably most cities, but, hey, Office Space was inspired by Dallas and partly filmed here, so we're calling dibs. Laugh away that case of the Mondays (and enter to win your own red Swingline stapler) when the Dallas Film Series shows Office Space with Family Tree by Vicky Jenson, director of Shark Tale and Shrek, at 7 p.m. at Studio Movie Grill, 5405 Belt Line Road. Admission is $5, which benefits Operation Iraqi Children, a group co-founded by actor Gary Sinise that provides backpacks filled with school supplies to students in Iraq. Call 214-498-2238 or visit

Friday, October 29

We have a hot tip for you: Peter Bogdanovich--director of The Last Picture, The Cat's Meow and Paper Moon--will be hanging out at the Adolphus Hotel from 5:45 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. OK, so it's not exactly exclusive information, since The Writer's Garret is hosting this Peter Bogdanovich Happy Hour Talk & Book Signing. Bogdanovich, who used to write for Esquire, will discuss Who the Hell's In It?: Portraits and Conversations, his new book about 26 Hollywood legends, including Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Boris Karloff and River Phoenix. Admission is $12. The hotel is at 1321 Commerce St. Call The Writer's Garret at 214-828-1715 or visit

Saturday, October 30

If you've ever considered leading a mutiny of your carpool, step away from the Camry and grab your eye patch and tri-corner hat for The Pirates of the Caribbean Interactive Project. During the event, aspiring pirates can live vicariously through Jack Sparrow instead of threatening to make their cubicle neighbor walk the plank. The interactive project started in Southern Ontario, Canada, and has plundered Portland, Oregon; Mount Vernon, Washington; and North Tonawanda, New York, with screenings of The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl accompanied by costumed audience members responding to the film through words or props, in the style of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Despite the lack of catchy song and dance numbers such as "The Time Warp," Pirates has several things going for it: You can buy a pirate costume at Target (you have to go to Frederick's of Hollywood to dress like a Sweet Transvestite), no Meat Loaf, no meat loaf made out of Meat Loaf, no uncomfortable un-family-friendly sex scenes, no uncomfortable Susan Sarandon singing scenes. Even if you don't bring props from the suggested list--feathers to use for fighting, bracelets to rattle like bones, coins to jingle, a green apple to munch, a compass and a marble to use as a glass eye--do bring $10 to be admitted. It benefits KNON-FM 89.3. The event is 7 p.m. to midnight at the Lakewood Theater, 1825 Abrams Parkway. Visit

Sunday, October 31

The fear of the unknown can be terrifying, but sometimes it's the real things that can really give us the heebie jeebies. Real things like the fact that heavy metal is still both an aspiration and an appreciated art form. Think that's just an urban legend? Then join us--if you dare--for The Metal Masquerade Ball, Hard Rock Café and Reeltime Audio's Halloween party. Ten metal bands will compete for $1,000 in cash and prizes, plus there will be a costume contest and Halloween drink specials such as Green Ghoul and Hallowrita. The party is 7 p.m. to midnight, and admission is $10. Hard Rock Café, 2601 McKinney Ave. Call 214-855-0007.

Monday, November 1

Halloween's over, and all there is to show for it are a few leftover pieces of candy (the gross kind you always eat last), a toothbrush from the well-meaning but lame lady down the street and some spare change from the guy on the corner who accidentally opened his door when he forgot to buy candy. It's time to put away the costumes and scary stories and learn the traditions of Da de los Muertos when the Casa View Library, 10355 Ferguson Road, presents a Day of the Dead program at 4 p.m. Tales of razor blades in apples not allowed. Instead there will be skeletons, butterflies and flowers to honor those who passed away. Admission is free. Call 214-670-8403.

Tuesday, November 2

We had planned to start our drinking habit about the time the clock ticked midnight, but we decided why wait until the election coverage is over? Might as well start drinking while the votes are tallied and results start coming in. Luckily, several venues are offering election night specials. First, the Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Ave., will have three "giant Las Vegas-style screens" showing coverage care of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, plus there will be tacos, pizza and drink specials such as $2 draft beers and $7 pitchers. Doors open at 7 p.m.; admission is free. Call 214-824-9933. The posh Uptown tapas eatery Republic Bar and Restaurant hosts a party from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. with $2 dishes from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., plus each person with a stamped voters card receives a free Blue State, a frozen blueberry blast drink, or Red State, a frozen raspberry-flavored Cosmopolitan--blueberry and raspberry being flavors we endorse as heartily as we do Kerry and Bush. The suggested dress is "patriotic casual," but we think matching ecru power suits are always in style. Admission is free, and there will be complimentary valet parking at 2922 Hall St. at McKinney Avenue. Call 214-740-1111.

Wednesday, November 3

Chances are if you're familiar with actor Matthew Rush, it's not from his stage work. Rush--with the Superman body topped with a Ralph Lauren Polo ad face--is best known for his work under the covers, on top of the covers, on the floor, outdoors. His work as a gay porn actor takes him lots of places, including into theaters where he plays the lead in Making Porn. But it's not a biography. Making Porn is Ronnie Larsen's comedy about the behind-the-scenes action of the gay porn industry, which also stars Rob Romoni, a--for lack of a different word--newcomer to XXX films. As you might expect, Making Porn contains nudity and strong language. The play opens Wednesday at Teatro Dallas, 1331 Record Crossing Road, and runs through November 28 at 8 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays, 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Saturdays and 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Sundays. Tickets are $25 to $35. Call 1-800-965-4827.


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