Throw Down

Sure, the Irish can throw a mean parade, but can they throw a telephone pole? While wearing a skirt? Probably not, I say. We Scots have to make do year-round with the concessions our Irish friends are willing to make to the shared elements of our culture—sure, they'll put on a kilt, bust out the bagpipes and throw around some Gaelic phrases once a year, but it's just nae the same. The brogue isn't right, they cannae cook bangers quite like we do and the beer just doesn't have the same kick. The Irish may have their own holiday, but the Scots have so much to share that we can't fit it into a four-hour parade. We need three days on a football field to show off our legendary games (the aforementioned telephone pole, formally known as a caber), folk music, dogs, food, drinks and knobby knees. Enter the 21st Annual Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games, which continues today from 9 a.m. until midnight. The MacDonalds, MacIntyres and Campbells will be out in full force, throwing hammers, serving up fish and chips, tasting whiskey and tossing back some Iron Bru to beat the heat. Admission prices are $15 for adults, $7 for teens and $4 for children. The festival will be held at Maverick Stadium, 1309 W. Mitchell St. (on the UTA campus) in Arlington. For more information, visit
June 1-3


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