To the Polls!

Is there anything greater than democracy? I'm not just talking about unalienable rights, freedom of religion, the right to bare arms, yadda yadda yadda. Whatever. No, the democracy I'm talking about is the freedom to choose the winner. While Bush steps on the throat of most civil liberties, the entertainment industry is giving us more and more rights. Who should win American Idol? Hell, not the most talented bastard. No, the people gave you Taylor Hicks. Who's got the most talent? I'm not even sure how we're defining talent, but I'm definitely going to text-in my winner. Why not? I control their fate. It's very intoxicating. This loser-choose-winner democracy has even spread inside Dallas' borders, where AllGood Café, 2934 Main St., is giving its customers the right to choose which Oliver Stone film the place will show on Wednesday. See, AllGood is celebrating legendary directors by dedicating a month to their work. The kicker here? We get to choose the last film shown. Will we be a good constituency and give our nation Platoon, or will we spit in the eye of our peers with Any Given Sunday? For more information, visit
Wed., July 30, 2008


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