Tomlin's Tops

Lily Tomlin has done just about everything. She broke ground in comedy several times over; proved her dramatic moxie in several great films--including numerous forays with the late, great Robert Altman--and her essential role in the TV phenomenon that was West Wing; won two Tony Awards, four Emmys and a Grammy...and she keeps going. Her characters, from the obnoxious switchboard-operator Ernestine to the bratty 5-year-old Edith Ann to the aging songbird in A Prairie Home Companion, all demonstrate her outstanding ability to create, transform and inspire insight and introspection. She has even performed at Fort Worth's Bass Performance Hall (Fourth and Calhoun Streets) before, but that is not going to stop her from doing it again. Tomlin returns to the Bass at 8 p.m. Thursday for a performance that is guaranteed to feature many characters, including some of her most familiar, and undoubtedly something new and unexpected. Hey, wonder if she'll mention her Dallas pal Jenny? Tickets are $37.50 to $60. Call 1-877-212-4280 or visit
Thu., Feb. 26, 8 p.m., 2009


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