"There's a party at the Moontower later. You should stop by."
"There's a party at the Moontower later. You should stop by."

Tonight's Free Rooftop Movie: Dazed and Confused

Last Wednesday we kicked off a new weekly film series at the Sundown, that amazing rooftop bar next door to the Granada. Not only did a few of you show up, so many came that folks cuddled on each other's laps to conserve space. It was a great evening in Dallas, and tonight will be even better because we're serving up vintage McConaughey.

The Dallas Film Society presents the Texas-fried, stonerific comedy Dazed and Confused. It's a Linklater classic, and since you already know every word, you won't stress about sipping your cocktail too loudly while it plays. There will be drink specials -- last week Stella was only three bucks. (Hey, you can afford that!) And according to the weather overloards, this evening will be patio perfect. These, friends, are the great days, so break your mid-week rut and party with us outdoors.

This FREE series, presented by the Dallas Observer, the Dallas Film Society and the Sundown at Granada runs all autumn long until November 21. Here's the entire schedule:


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