Too Much Lipstick, Too Much Rouge

OMG, GIRLFRIENDS! Round up your Carries and your Samanthas and your Charlottes--leave that sulky bitch Miranda at home--'cause it's time to get your makeup on! Girls love makeup! Especially when it's live! Like at Beauty Live! Exclamation points! And lipstick! Beauty Live bills itself as the largest consumer beauty show in the country and, really outdoing itself with regard to superlative nomenclature, will be hosted by "America's Sassiest Lifestyle Guru," a dude named Steve Kemble. Presumably Mr. Kemble excelled in the Sassy Lifestyle Guru Competition, an event that would undoubtedly be more fun than Beauty Live but, for whatever reason, was not open to the public. Scrunchie Toss? Snapping-as-Punctuation Marathon? Snazziest closing ceremonies ever! Round up your best girlfriends, drag queens and Jared Leto for Beauty Live's cosmetic extravaganza, which runs this Friday through Sunday at the Galleria Dallas, located at LBJ and the Dallas North Tollway. Should you plan on getting wasted on eyeshadow and anticipate being unable to drive yourself home, you can book a room at the newly renovated Westin Galleria and avoid a DWF (driving while fabulous!) charge. Beauty Live is free to attend, but be sure to pack Hubby's credit card for all your purchasing needs, ladies! Visit
April 3-5, 2009


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