Top of the Potts

An unremarkable, even unattractive Britain's Got Talent contestant takes the stage. Simon Cowell licks his chops. The audience groans. Beautiful people are, as everyone knows, the only people with talent. But gosh, it's been so long--a good 15 or 20 minutes--since we last saw a train wreck, and it's getting to be that time again. The contestant begins to sing, however, and the world temporarily changes. A beautiful voice. A moving performance. And if you think I'm talking about Susan Boyle, you need to broaden your knowledge of British television talent competitions. Wonky-faced, cocoa-voiced Paul Potts was the original "OMG, like, how can an un-beautiful person sing so well?" that swept the pop culture world, making us all feel like the jerks we are. Make up for your jerky predisposition by going to see Potts at the Nokia Theatre. It's not guaranteed that listening to him perform "Nessun Dorma" live will save your heinous, judgmental soul, but every little bit counts. Especially after what you thought the last time you saw that almost-topless picture of Miley Cyrus. Yeah, that's right. We know all about it. Potts is at Nokia, 1001 Performance Drive in Grand Prairie, at 8 p.m. Monday. Tickets are $59.50 to $79.50; parking is additional. Visit
Mon., July 6, 2009


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