Trophy Hunt

Previewing what promises to be a raucous and competitive Dallas Mavericks home opener against the San Antonio Spurs is so easy a caveman could do it. With that in mind, we turned over the assignment to Boro, a Neanderthal we found outside a bar on Lower Greenville. Here's what he had to say: "Mavericks defending champs; play good ball through game three. Pat Riley overmatched. Shaq, he not so good. Me go into cave during fourth quarter of game three and stay for month of summers. Miss parade; how was it? It was cooler in cave, came out to find girl last week at Sugar Shack, but girl there not smart enough for Boro. Where was Boro? Oh, da game. Me very excite. Mavs defend crown against Spurs who can only win WNBA title because Tim Duncan is like girls at Sugar Shack. He cry a lot and can't take it to hole as game near over. Take to the hole—that make Boro laugh. People tell me that this year Mavs are better, but Boro miss Black College. He good player. Austin Croshere looks like Boro's brother; he big and soft. Dwyane Wade foul." The Mavericks open their season at home against the Spurs at 7 p.m. Thursday at the American Airlines Center. The game will also be shown on TNT. Visit
Thu., Nov. 2, 7 p.m.


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