Two-Wheeled Weekend

Rockers Vs Mods isn't actually about rivalry. Well, OK, it is a little bit about the rivalry between those who ride and those who scoot, but mostly, the weekend-long two-wheeled rally is about tooling around, listening to rock music, eating good food and drinking (post-ride, of course). The packed itinerary starts with T-shirt and package pick-up for participants at the Belmont Hotel Friday, followed by a downtown night ride to The Amsterdam Bar in Expo Park. Saturday boasts separate rides for Rockers and Mods, culminating in a "rumble over the Trinity River" to Lee Harvey's for a free vintage bike and scooter show, complete with DJs, live music and raffles. Then both troupes head to Trees for a mix of live music ranging from Stax-inspired soul to rockabilly to cock rock. Sunday also plays host to separate rides and breakfast meet-ups. Car drivers in East Dallas and beyond, check out what you're missing. Two-wheelers, wear a helmet. Pedestrians, well, hopefully someone will take you for a joyride. And if it sounds like there's a lot going on, there is. So, for more detailed info, visit
Fri., March 26; Sat., March 27; Sun., March 28, 2010


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