Unnecessary Roughness?

In Dallas, few terms strike fear into the hearts of Cowboys fan like "pre-season." We love every opportunity to see our 'Boys play, for sure, but pre-season play tends to be sloppy and chock full of nasty little injuries that resonate throughout the entire season. Case in point--the Bengals game wherein John Phillips, the tight end who was seen as a breakout player for the team, went down with a season-ending knee injury. The bad luck didn't stop there; four other players were sidelined during the course of the game. This has, of course, spurred the debate that kicks up every year about this time...should we even be playing these pre-season games? Are they indispensable, or are they a dog-and-pony show that unnecessarily puts a team that has a legitimate shot at a home field Super Bowl appearance at risk? Most of us are probably a little column A, a little column B, and for good reason; we like to know what we're dealing with going into the season so we can best plan for either crushing disappointment or weekly exhilaration. We'll sit on the edge of our seats and pray that the guys we're pinning our hopes on don't go down in a game that ultimately doesn't matter. That said, the Cowboys versus Miami Dolphins match-up tonight at Cowboys Stadium, 900 East Randol Mill Road, promises all the risk, stress and excitement that the pre-season brings. Snag a $29 party pass on ticketmaster.com, and keep your fingers crossed.
Thu., Sept. 2, 2010


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