Up With Updike

If only I could be a prolific, beloved famous writer instead of chronicling the successes of a prolific, beloved famous writer. Somehow my destiny took a nap, drooled all over the pillow and then fell off the bed. Still, how lucky are we to have access to the brilliance of John Updike, the world-renowned author of short story collections, children's books, literary criticism, poetry and the Rabbit series of novels (Rabbit Run, Rabbit at Rest, Rabbit is Rich, etc.)? This month, we're even luckier since he's spending an evening in Dallas to talk literary importance. Maybe some of his wisdom will rub off on a certain wannabe writer. The appearance by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Updike kicks off the yearlong NasherSalon 2008 Lecture Series on Thursday. The series features acclaimed writers, artists, musicians, architects and choreographers. This lecture is sold out, however, leaving you to rely only on your charm and wit to bargain with literary scalpers. Visit NasherSalonSeries.org.
Thu., Jan. 10, 7 p.m., 2008


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