Very Special

Children might not know it, but they're all in training to grow up to be special effects dudes (and dudettes). C'mon, the SPFX crew spends the whole day bringing monsters to life, playing with robots, staging battles with action figures and painting faces—the neighborhood playground is practically your internship, kiddos. So run and tell your ma—"Mommy, mommy, I want to be a matte painter!" and then ask her to take you to Special Effects, an IMAX film at the Omni Theatre, 1501 Montgomery St. in Fort Worth. The film explores the role of special effects and digital artistry such as CGI in the films Independence Day, Jumanji, King Kong, Star Wars and, uh, Kazaam (yes, the movie where Shaq is a rapping genie trapped in...a boombox?). Showings of the 40-minute film begin Friday and continue through September 3 as part of the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit. Visit
May 25-Sept. 3


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