Victory Lap

Remember the battle of the Davids? You don't have to admit it to us, but with seven seasons spent dominating the Nielsen ratings and pretty much obliterating any other show that dare air during Tuesday or Wednesday prime time, somebody has to be watching American Idol. It's OK, we won't tell. In fact, you may just have something there. Take away the cheesy arrangements, über-cheeriness, tired judge banter and Ryan Seacrest, and you've got some seriously (and some mildly) talented singers. This year's top 10 finalists, including that blond girl, the dude with the dreads and Davids Cook and Archuleta, are going on their contractual tour just for you. American Idols Live hits the American Airlines Center on Monday. Tickets are available now at 214-373-8000 or Randy, Paula and Simon not included. But you knew that.
Mon., Aug. 25, 2008


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