The human brain contains about 150 billion neurons. That's a lot, but it's still a finite number--that is, there's only so much brainpower to go around, and most people need all they have and could use a few billion more. So it's with some small amount of despair I reveal that when the 45th Annual O'Reilly Autorama announced that Cousin Cooter from The Dukes of Hazzard was a featured guest, along with the Duke brothers' car General Lee, I knew exactly whom they were talking about. Yep...can't remember the names or plots of Sinclair Lewis' novels, can't recall exactly what DeSoto discovered, can't recite Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, but the name and face of Bo and Luke Duke's mechanic cousin is tucked safely away, eating up valuable brain real estate. I'm not alone. Thousands are expected to come out to see actor Ben "Cooter" Jones--he's also a former two-term congressman from Georgia--along with former Dallas Cowboy Daryl "Moose" Johnson and a slew of hot rods, racecars, motorcycles, antique, imported and custom autos, and other assorted celebrities. It'll be a whole mess of good ol' boys and girls and some suh-weet rides gathered at Dallas Market Hall on February 11 through February 13. Should beat all you ever saw. Call 214-655-6100 or visit www.autorama.com. --Patrick Williams

Freeze Frame

Plenty of distance runs and practice races line the training path to December's White Rock Marathon to help runners improve their stamina and endurance. Most runners wait for the warmer months to get serious about training. But for the truly masochistic there is the Texas Half Marathon on what promises to be a frigid, balmy February morning. The race organizers know that solar-powered runners need more motivation than chintzy medals and free bananas to get out of bed, so this year they're throwing in a long-sleeve Dri-release T-shirt that's worth the price of the registration fee alone. So sign up and, if the weather's too unbearable to run on Saturday, at least you got the shirt. It takes place Saturday at 8 a.m. at Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake. Entry is $40 in advance or $45 race day. Visit www.texashalf.com. --Jay Webb


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