Waiting to Exhale

Many times we hear about bizarre feats of nature—snakes with two heads, green kittens and the like. These are random anomalies that deviate from the norm; they elicit smiles, shrieks or thoughtful "Hmms." Who knew that here in North Texas we are, and have been, harboring a relatively large population of things that make us go "hmm?" Well, Pastor T.D. Jakes’ wife Serita, for one. Apparently there are enough men who actually want to talk about feelings and stuff to warrant an event called "Man Talk." It's not the series of grunts and scratches intermixed with trips to the can and beer fridge you might expect by virtue of its name. Man Talk is about getting men to open up and ask questions about issues that affect their lives—love, money, relationships, addiction and parenting. This week's Man Talk features a lecture by Serita Jakes entitled "A Man and His Woman" in which men are invited to get in touch with their woman-loving selves. Promoters promise an "intimate" setting with Ms. Jakes discussing how to build and maintain lasting relationships with the ladies. The talk starts at 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the Potter's House, 6777 W. Kiest Blvd. Admission is free. Call 214-331-0954, ext. 1960 or visit www.mantalkonline.com.
Wed., Feb. 8, 7 p.m.


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