Warning: Do Not Attempt To Eat This Play

I know I’m not the first person who read the title Superior Donuts and thought, “Where? Where? Where?” But alas, Superior Donuts isn’t a new doughnut shop. It’s a play set in a doughnut shop in South Side Chicago. Business is failing and owner Arthur Przybyszewksi should be doing whatever it takes to keep the shop from closing. But he’s not. He’s trapped in Bummer City after his recent divorce, until one night there’s a knock on the shop door. It’s a kid named Franco Wicks and he wants a job. He’d also like to turn Superior around. He has some ideas … and a manuscript. Throughout the play, these two unlikely friends become just that. Or do they? Maybe Arthur murders Franco and turns him into sprinkles. Or maybe I’m just yanking your chain. Head to Theatre Too, 800 Routh St., Suite 168, to find out. Superior Donuts is showing through Sunday. Tickets are $25. For more information, visit theater3dallas.com.
Fri., April 13, 2012


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