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If I'm accepted into the Institute for Interesting People, would that validate me as an interesting person? I wonder. But my wallet doesn't wonder so much, and he calls all the shots. For those who are interesting (and paying for it) and are parents, consider this: A man after my own heart (for once), Ty Burr discusses his book, The Best Old Movies for Families: A Parent's Guide to Watching Together. I believe in the power of old cinema over today's CGI-laden, $100 million budgeted extravaganzas, only because I gave the heebie-jeebies to my nephews with '50s movies The Blob and The Thing From Another World after I thought they had been desensitized by Jurassic Park and Independence Day. Good times. See what Burr recommends noon Thursday at The Mercury Grill, 11909 Preston Road. Tickets are $55. Visit for details.
Thu., April 26, noon


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