We Have Matching Tintypes

We take joy in the analog and find romance in the authentic. And when those orders jell together, like they do in the tintype and ambrotype photographs of Frank Lopez, we get weak in the knees. As a steward of a thinning medium, Lopez’s work is inspirational, which is why we named him an Observer Mastermind in 2011. As a guide of the movement, he’s a Jedi, cultivating those methods in younger generations of artists. Saturday, you can see him do exactly that as Lopez curates the group show Shadows and Ether: A Contemporary View of Tintypes and Ambrotypes at the simply gorgeous Bath House Cultural Center from 7 to 9 p.m. There you’ll explore the haunting glow of this vintage approach as 20 artists display work utilizing the wet plate collodion process, which you’ll chat up the artists to learn more about. The show runs through May 18. Visit bathhousecultural.com.
Sat., April 27, 2013


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