We Want Candy

Not since Christina Crawford dropped her Mommie Dearest bombshell has a mother-daughter relationship been as testy as Tori and Candy Spelling's. I don't see Candy Spelling going all Joan Crawford on her blond progeny with a wire hanger or anything, but based on all of the tabloid back-and-forths, these women have some teeth. Consider Tori's statement to one of the gossip rags a few weeks ago, something along the lines of how she learned everything she needed to know about motherhood from her nannies. Ouch. The well-publicized feud is all the more intriguing when you see Candy Spelling--she's a petite, perky woman who looks like she should be spending her days buying peonies at Cebolla and lunching at Rise. And that's who Candy Spelling would like to be--just another mom, albeit one with unlimited funds, a separate room in her house for gift-wrapping and no nasty public criticisms of her parenting style. Her memoir, Stories from Candyland, cheerfully bats away any hint of maternal discord with the subtitle Confections From One of Hollywood's Most Famous Wives and Mothers. Sounds like a mother of a manifesto that's not to be missed by tabloid junkies, particularly since Candy Spelling herself will be at The Adolphus, 3121 Commerce St., to promote the tome. The luncheon/Q&A/book signing starts at 11:30 a.m. Thursday with a Champagne welcome, and is open to anyone who makes a reservation by calling 214-651-3520 and lays out the $67 to catch this celebrity scandal mainstay in person.
Thu., June 11, 11:30 a.m., 2009


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