Well, Schnitzel My Grits

In Texas, there are few occasions when donning lederhosen seems like a good idea. I mean, they’re velvet shortalls — in this heat? Just try it mid-August: You’ll be the Mayor of Chafed Thigh City. But about this time every year, the temperature drops. Instantly, the clock strikes lederhosen, with the other hand pointing at fancy beer, schnitzel, polka music and folk dancing. The calendar may say September, but you and your accordion-loving self are mistaken. It’s Addison OKTOBERFEST. In addition to everything else listed above, there will also be dachshund races, bier-barrel bowling and a German Idol yodeling contest. Uh, yes. Now, let’s just hope your phone takes video. And what exactly does all this fröhlichkeit (merriment) cost? A measly $10. Buy your tickets now at addisontexas.net then head down to the dang thing at 4970 Addison Circle Drive on Friday through Sunday, from 6:00 p.m. to midnight.
Sept. 21-23, 2012


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