A photo taken of Dallas last week
A photo taken of Dallas last week

We're So Hot Right Now: Dallas Ranked No. 1 in "Best Dressed Individuals"

Hang on, let me brush the Sun Chip crumbs off my Led Zeppelin Zoso shirt ...

OK, so, we're really fancy. Dallas is debonair, well-dressed and completely brimming with gorgeous ass implants. According to a survey recently done by LivingSocial, Dallas ranks number-freaking-one in "Best Dressed Individuals."

That's not all. The kind folks at LivingSocial sent along some pin-pointed, interesting results:

· Ranked #19 in terms of vanity, making Dallas one of the least vain cities

· Ranked #4 in amount of facelifts

· Ranked #19 in amount of bald men

· Ranked # 14 in amount of butt implants

Aside from the rather shocking amount of new butts out there, Dallas seems, according to this opinion-based Vanity Survey, to be not really as vain as other cities. Congrats to us all, and our brand-spanking-new asses.

After the jump, you'll find the full fact sheet courtesy of LivingSocial.

Vanity Survey Fact Sheet_Dallas


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