What's the Deal?

As far as I know, FDR: A Comedy New Deal has nothing at all to do with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So don't go expecting jokes about polio and the Great Depression (although, seriously, that is some funny stuff). Instead, FDR stands for Fickert, Davis and Rainone—a trio of entertainers who describe themselves as "two guys of average height and a tall one." Together they combine clowning, piano playing and improv-comedy skills into something that actually sounds more fun than it should. I suppose if no wheelchair jokes are available, an Italian-speaking, piano-playing clown is the next best thing. FDR: A Comedy New Deal will be performed one night only at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Stone Street Theater, 109 Stone St. Tickets are $12. Call 469-619-2609 or visit stonestreettheatre.com.
Sat., July 15


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