While Dinos Rule Fort Worth

In this month's installment of "scaring your infant shitless," we present DinoRoars, the latest exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo, 1989 Colonial Parkway in Fort Worth. Huge, realistic dinosaur replicas inhabit the new exhibit—they may not be Jurassic Park-perfect, but this is 2006, so these aren't tacky robo-dinos, either. The fact that they walk around and bellow loudly will probably be enough to traumatize your smallest tykes, but the kids that know better will probably love the realism and exclaim whatever happy phrases kids yell these days. "Sweet"? "Bitchin'"? We're so out of touch. The exhibition is free with $10.50 zoo admission ($8 for children 3 and up). Call 817-759-7555.
May 2-July 9


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