Wild Bill

What do you give the guy who has everything? "How about a nice, greasy pork sandwich, served in a dirty ashtray?" Or, if he's actor-director Bill Paxton, a welcome home party and a Lifetime Achievement Award. You may remember Paxton from films like Apollo 13 and Tombstone, but his scene-stealing appearances in movies such as Weird Science, Aliens and the vampirific Near Dark are most beloved. The Fort Worth native returns this weekend for a special reception by the Lone Star Film Society celebrating his artistic achievements. The evening promises a Q-and-A with Paxton and a screening of his most recent directorial effort, The Greatest Game Ever Played. Best of all is the Themed Dinner of Bill's Work, in which four dining rooms are decorated to represent Paxton's movies. Those seated in the Apollo 13 room will be served meatloaf and mashed potatoes on a TV tray with a glass of Tang. Those in the Fish Heads room may be in for a surprise.
Sat., Jan. 21


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