Will Barbra Be There?

My grandfather's version of the classic admonition, "If everyone decided to jump off a cliff, would you?" was a little more original. It went something like, "If everyone decided to take off her panties and dance a jig, would you?" Well, truth be told, during the summer of 1980, when it was mercilessly hot at midnight, and I'd had four (or seven) tequila shots, I shouted, "Propriety be damned!" and proceeded to make my grandfather turn over in his grave. My companion that evening was moved to tears or laughter or both, and actually proposed marriage on the spot--or so he later swore. We broke up immediately after that. He was just too darned serious, and I, obviously, wasn't marriage material.

Don't look for a single mating ritual as embarrassing as this on the screen Wednesday or Thursday night at the Jewish Community Center of Dallas when local filmmakers Allan and Cynthia Salzman Mondell present the world premiere of Make Me a Match. But do notice the liberal use of real Dallasites tooling around Deep Ellum, talking about the kind of people they'd like to marry, and being fairly candid up there on the big screen. SJFs and SJMs, the Mondells explain in this serious look at the fine art and long tradition of matchmaking in the Jewish community, are after marriage. And children. And Jewish descendants through the end of time. (Told you it was serious.)

The Mondells' filmmaking partnership, Media Projects, Inc., has produced award-winning documentaries including Cynthia's all-too-real homage to the women's restroom called The Ladies Room and six historic documentaries for The Sixth Floor Museum. They're known for their ability to capture sincerity in any situation, and you'll be verklempt over this one as well.


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