Yard of Dreams

Plant it and they will come


Last spring we planted lantana beside our crooked little pond in the back yard and waited. We had wanted to attract the Gulf Fritillary, which loves the nectar of this particular flowering shrub. On warm and sunny days, we braced ourselves for an onslaught of fluttering orange wings covered in black spots, but received a mere trickle of the persnickety creatures. Who knew that there's more to creating a butterfly garden than just feeding the adults? Turns out we needed to spread the love to the rest of the family. This spring, we added passionflower vines around the pond to make a home for butterfly larvae to live and grow. We watched with pride and wonder as a bountiful number of caterpillars developed and became plump before making their final change: into an exquisite array of orange and black winged beauties. Get the plants and information you need to create your own butterfly moment on sale this Saturday. The Butterfly Plant Sale is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park, 3601 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Call 214-428-7476 or visit www.texasdiscoverygardens.org. --Christopher Wynn

Masters Blasters


Unlike the World Series, the World Masters Cup actually includes people from around the world competing in this annual Dallas-based soccer tournament. The teams included represent Albania/Balkans, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Central America, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, England, Ireland, Iran, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru and the United States, plus a "rest of the world" team for those soccer masters in Serbia and Jamaica (no, really, it's true). So whether you call it "soccer" or "fútbol," grab a flag and a seat and be ready to shout, "Gooooaaaaaalllll!" The competitions is June 3 through June 12 at the Jesuit High School stadium, 12345 Inwood Road. Visit www.worldmasterscup.com. --Shannon Sutlief

Best Foot Forward


My gene pool is more prone to craziness and excessive dairy consumption than breast cancer. Nevertheless, my mother and I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure a few years ago, and damn if I didn't get all choked up. Participants wear the names of loved ones who have fought (and fallen to) the disease, so that the street becomes a swarm of names, a litany of loss and triumph. I never knew a quick, breezy walk could leave me feeling so grateful for my health--and proud of the cause. On Saturday at Plano's The Shops at Legacy, 7200 Bishop Road, there are two walks to choose from: the one-mile family fun run/walk and the coed 5K run/walk. Late registration is $30. All proceeds go toward finding a cure for breast cancer. Run, walk, skip, jump, saunter--if you just participate, it's literally a step in the right direction. See www.komennorthtexas.org. --Sarah Hepola


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