You Say “Tomato,” I Say “Disgusting”

Tomatoes are all kinds of awesome. The magical fruit, which mistakenly poses as a vegetable from time to time, comes in as many varieties as it has uses. But there’s one hard and fast rule with the almighty tomato: Overripe ones are disgusting. So, what’s one to do with old, inedible tomatoes? Well, some brilliant folks have decided to gather up about 300,000 of them and hold the mother of all food fights, The Tomato Battle. This weekend, Fair Park (4800 Beeman Ave.) will be overrun with thousands of tomato tossers when the international tradition of tomato propulsion will be fused with a costume contest and live music, and a beer garden will add a bit of extra lubrication. The beer garden opens at noon, so wear your Sunday’s worst and get nice and boozy before the battle begins at 4 p.m. Registration is $49.99. Visit for the full rundown.
Sun., May 26, 2013


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