You Think Your Family's a Pain

After the leftover turkey has been put away and the last of the relatives has been shipped off, there is a good chance you will be ready to step out on the town. Why not relive your recent holiday memories and have a laugh at the same time? The Inwood Theatre, 5458 West Lovers Lane at Inwood, is showing the Thanksgiving neo-classic Home For the Holidays at midnight on Friday and Saturday. Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft and Robert Downey Jr. star in this 1995 comedy, directed by Jodie Foster, about a uniquely dysfunctional family. Hunter plays Claudia, who is divorced and 40 and has just lost her job when she arrives at the chaotic home of her parents for Thanksgiving. Between her uptight, angry sister, her trouble-making gay brother and her overbearing mother, the holiday becomes one disaster after another. The humor plays out well, and it is sure to make you feel better about your own family. Call 214-764-9106 or visit for more information.
Sat., Nov. 26, midnight; Sun., Nov. 27, midnight, 2011


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