Zombie Flick

Have you seen the previews for that movie Bug that's coming out? Ya know, the one starring the least creepy but least talented Judd? It looks all kinds of scary. Like, the regular horror film "Aaaaah! Bugs all over me get offa me get offa me!" type of scary plus the bad acting "Did I mention Ashley Judd's in it?" type of scary all in one. I have no desire to see it. Unless Ashley Judd's eyebrows get shaved off. I'm totally over her eyebrow raise thing. We all get it, Ash. You can do the eyebrow raise. You're so intense. But I double digress. The point is you shouldn't waste your time watching Sucky Judd when you could be seeing Friday or Saturday's midnight showing of Shaun of the Dead at the Inwood Theatre (5458 W. Lovers Lane). It's got zombies. It's got Simon Pegg. And, most important of all, it's got no Judd (Or is her mom in there as one of the extras? I couldn't quite make out that one old-dude-looking zombie with the saggy boobs). Tickets are $8. Call 214-764-9106 or visit landmarktheatres.com.
Sat., June 2, midnight; Sun., June 3, midnight


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